Kentuckiana Placenta Encapsulation


Throughout history and in many cultures around the globe, the placenta has been used to help new mothers recover. Placenta Encapsulation is a modern approach to this healing tradition to help you feel balanced and energized in your first weeks postpartum

potential benefits.

Although the potential benefits of placenta consumption have yet to be evaluated by the FDA, more and more studies are confirming what traditional cultures have known for generations. The anecdotal benefits reported by mothers that have consumed their placenta include:

  • Increased energy
  • Decreased postpartum bleeding
  • Less mood swings and less incidence of postpartum mood disorders
  • Increased milk supply
  • Faster recovery from childbirth 


OUr services and products.

All of our encapsulation packages include:

  • A transportation kit, based on World Health Organization's guidelines, for you or a trusted loved one to use to safely transport your placenta from hospital to home
  • Placenta capsules handcrafted safely and with care, along with consumption guidelines
  • A dehydrated cord keepsake, provided that the umbilical cord is long enough
  • A placenta print on acid-free watercolor paper

Additional services available for you to add to your package include:

  • Placenta tincture. A tincture is an herb added to high proof alcohol. One example is vanilla extract. In preparing a placenta tincture, a small amount of placenta powder is added to high proof alcohol and matured for 6 weeks. In tincture form, you can reap the benefits of your placenta long after your capsules are gone. Women use their tincture during their first period after the birth of their baby, to help stabilize their mood on a bad day, and even during menopause. 
  • Placenta salve. Placentas have long been used in high quality skincare and cosmetic products under the name "polypeptides" due to the reported collagen breakdown preventing properties. Having a placenta salve made for you allows you to receive a handcrafted skincare product custom made for you with high quality oils and herbs. The salve can be made with or without your placenta powder added, to be used on external skin issues, dry skin, burns, or c-section scars.

All of our products are beautifully packaged to take away any "ew" factor. You can be as involved as you'd like in the process, or in some cases it can be completed before you even return home from the hospital. Either way, you can rest assured that you will be receiving products of the highest quality, created with the care and respect that Louisville Area Doulas is known for.

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