9 things to do this fall when you're 9 months pregnant in Kentuckiana

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"Every month lasts an average of 30 days. Except the last month of pregnancy, which lasts approximately 12,450,234 days”

I can’t remember where exactly I heard that quote for the first time, but I know that those of you that have ever been anxiously awaiting the first signs of labor know how that feels.

We’ve all heard the phrase that babies come when they want to come, and while there are ways to get labor started, from natural methods to inductions at the hospital, for the most part the last bit of pregnancy is a waiting game. A long, drawn out, frustrating waiting game.

What’s a pregnant lady to do? We’ve compiled a list of 9 things that you can do in Louisville and Southern Indiana this fall that will hopefully keep your mind off of waiting for baby’s bday as much as possible.

(Note that the events and places on this list are not sponsored--these are just some of our favorite things to do in Louisville and Southern Indiana!)

1. Make a pumpkin for your pumpkin

What better way to celebrate the season than to make baby's first jack-o-lantern.  Joe Huber’s Family Farm in Southern Indiana has all of your pumpkin picking covered through the end of October. While you're there, you might as well enjoy a delicious buffet of country comfort food, also available through the end of October.

For some jack-o-lantern inspiration, take a walk through Iroquois Park before November 1st during the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular. The 1/4th of a mile trail is lined with 5,000 amazingly gorgeous carved pumpkins. I don't know about you, but I don't have the patience to create something that intricate, but it'll at least give you some inspiration. 

2. Take a walk

You probably have already gotten a million and one suggestions to "walk out" your baby. While walking can help labor progress, Louisville during the fall is also just absolutely beautiful. Get out there and enjoy some fresh air. My personal suggestion? Cherokee Park in the Highlands is my happy place, but there are so many beauties in the Olmstead Park system to choose from. Heck, take a walk at all of them! 

3. Go for a cruise

Even if you aren't going so far as to have a water birth, the water of the Ohio River can still bring you some relaxation. Hop onto the Belle of Louisville (America's last true Mississippi river steam boat) or on her sister the Spirit of Jefferson for a sightseeing and dinner cruise, or even a special event cruise

4. Go on a haunted tour

Love history and horror combined? There are a few really cool haunted tours going on in the Kentuckiana area in October. This list from louisvillehalloween.com names some from all over Kentuckiana, including tours in Bardstown, Old Louisville, Jeffersonville, the Highlands, and La Grange.  Maybe the combination of walking and excitement will kick start labor, but even if it doesn't, it's sure to be a good time. 

5. Have a movie marathon

Whether you just aren't feeling going out, or if it's a chilly or rainy day, sometimes all you want to do is hunker down with good ole netflix. Grab some popcorn and have a halloween movie marathon or even a Christmas movie marathon if you're one of those people that just can't wait until after Thanksgiving to get in the holiday spirit. 

Bonus tip: instead of lounging on the couch, try tailor sitting (think yoga sitting or criss cross applesauce) on the floor or bouncing on a birth ball during the movie to encourage pelvic alignment and possibly get labor started. 

6. Enjoy the bounties of fall

In my personal opinion fall is the best time to enjoy the farmer's markets all over Louisville and Southern Indiana. I live in the Highlands, so I'm absolutely in love with Douglass Loop Farmer's Market , but if you live in another part of town, there's sure to be one near your neighborhood. In fact, the Courier-Journal is awesome enough to have a list of farmers markets in Jefferson County, Bullit County, Oldham County, and Southern Indiana. 

7. Go on a date night

Take advantage of the little quiet time that remains between you and your partner and go out for a date night. Enjoy farm to table fall flavors at Harvest  in NuLudelicious BBQ at Feast also in NuLu or New Albany, or a romantic 5 star meal at 610 Magnolia in Old Louisville. For dessert grab pumpkin pie at one of the many Homemade and Ice Cream Kitchens all over Louisville and Southern Indiana. Indulge. You're still eating for two, after all.

Afterward, go for an evening show at The Laughing Derby for a little adult humor and try to giggle the baby out.

8. Get active

Sometimes physical activity is the best thing to keep your mind off of things. If you're cleared by your doctor or midwife to continue working out get up and do something. It can be something as simple as a walk around the park (see #2), going to a swim at the YMCA, your standard prenatal yoga, or something fun and different like trying a barre or silque class at B.You Fitness. The instructors there know how to help you modify moves and positions for your changing body. A great bonus is that after you have your baby, you can continue going to B. You by utilizing their childcare or attending a B.Silque Baby FIT class. How fun is that?!

9. Engage in some retail therapy

Get some walking in and indulge your nesting urges by picking up any last minute things you need for the baby, or even just treating yourself or your partner to some new digs. The Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass in SImpsonville is a great way to spend a nice day, going from shop to shop. On a less friendly day, try Mall St Matthews  or Oxmoor Center. Even better, support some local businesses and take a stroll down Frankfort Avenue or Bardstown Road!

Keep yourself busy, and it'll be baby time before you know it! And when you get home, if you find yourself needing a little support with your autumn born babe, let us know. Our postpartum doulas are just a call or email away!


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