Don't tell me that you want a natural birth.

natural birth louisville

As a doula and childbirth educator, the first thing I typically ask when getting to know a potential client on the pregnancy side of her journey is “what kind of birth do you want”. While it’s by no means a prerequisite for wanting a doula or childbirth education, a very common answer that I get is “I want a natural birth”.

I have a problem with this.

My problem isn’t the want itself. Heck no, I think that you should want whatever it is that you want your birth to look like with pride! I think that you should have everything that you need to have that birth!

My problems lies with the fact that, well, “natural” is pretty vague.

Do you want a vaginal birth in the hospital and with an epidural? An unmedicated birth with a hypnosis track playing after laboring in a warm tub? A homebirth with a midwife? To have your baby alone in the wilderness? All of those scenarios can easily be called “natural”, as different as they may be.

I support all of your options, natural or not. It’s just that as your doula, I want to know exactly what you want your birth to look like so that I can be a tool for you to use to get there. As a childbirth educator, I can help you know all of the options that you have within the realm of a natural birth in Louisville. As someone that wants to see you have an amazing, empowering birth experience, I want to make sure that you know that your natural birth doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s natural birth.

So don’t tell me that you want a natural birth. Tell me about your ideal birth that you’ve dreamed. Tell me about the elements of a birth that will make you feel like a birth goddess or a freakin' rockstar. Don’t be afraid to tell me what you need to get there, or to ask questions about all of your options.

Your shouldn’t have any old natural birth. You should have your natural birth.