Should I have my placenta encapsulated?

Should I have my placenta encapsulated?

placenta encapsulation in louisville ky

Why do people eat their placenta?

What is placenta encapsulation?

You've seen it in the news. Heard about the celebrities doing it. Seen it discussed in mom groups from forums to facebook groups. Maybe someone you know has even done it.

But some questions still linger: Why the heck would someone eat their placenta?! Is this something I should be considering?

The history of placenta consumption

Would you be surprised to know that humans are one of the few mammals that don't typically eat their placentas? At least not in modern day Western society. Studies have ruled out that these mammals consume their placenta simply to avoid predators or because they're hungry after the hard work of labor, indicating that there's something special about the placenta.

Even animals that are normally herbivorous and don't naturally consume meat (such as cows) will eat their afterbirth.  So there has be to be something to this, right?

Some cultures would agree. In the case of Traditional Chinese method, what modern placenta encapsulation has it's roots in, the placenta is considered a warming herb. It is thought to nourish energy, fight fatigue, and to "balance" the consumer, whether recently postpartum or not.

What are the benefits of placenta encapsulation?

The idea behind modern placenta encapsulation is generally the same: consuming the placenta is thought to restore balance to new moms by balancing her hormones. The potential benefits are numerous and include:

  • Increased energy
  • Decreased postpartum bleeding
  • Increase in milk supply
  • Faster physical recovery
  • Improved mood and fewer mood swings
  • Decreased incidence of postpartum mood disorders (postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, etc)

The net effect is that you feel better faster after the hard work of having a baby so that you can get back to the things you love: getting things done at work and around the house, enjoying the company of visiting family and friends, and bonding with your newly expanded family.

And in the form of placenta encapsulation, none of the ick factor or eating a raw organ remains. You can take your professionally prepared placenta capsule and pretend it's just any everyday vitamin or herbal supplement, but with the confidence that it was made just for you.


So, who would eat their placenta? It's not justparticipating in the hot new trend.

Many women choose to encapsulate their placenta after a tough time with previous postpartum periods. They may have had excessive postpartum bleeding, struggled with the baby blues, postpartum depression, or low energy, or had issues with low milk supply if they tried to breastfeed.

Some first time moms are at higher risk for postpartum mood disorders because of previous trouble with or family history of anxiety, depression, or OCD and choose to have their placenta encapsulated to mitigate these risks.

But what about you? If none of these situations apply to you directly, there still may be a good reason for you to have your placenta encapsulated by a professional: a postpartum insurance policy.

Your placenta is one of those rare situations that is truly a "use it or lose it" scenario. If you don't choose to preserve it properly for later use, it will be discarded as medical waste and will be gone forever.

No one can predict the future. While we might always hope for the best and expect a smooth postpartum recovery, we can't guarantee it. Just as we purchase health insurance just in case we get unexpectedly sick and car insurance just in case we get in an unintentional accident,  or save an emergency fund for unforeseen expenses you might consider having your placenta encapsulated just in case there are bumps in the road after you have your baby.

You can take your placenta capsule just in case, and know that you've done something extra to help make your new life a little easier.

if you think placenta encapsulation in louisville or southern indiana is right for you, contact us today. if you still have lingering questions, don't hesitate to ask or join us for an informational session listed on our events page.