Is Placenta Encapsulation Safe?

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Is it safe for you to ingest your placenta?

Is placenta encapsulation okay if you're breastfeeding?

the short answer...

is yes! 

In the largest study on placenta encapsulation to date conducted by researches at Oregon State University and University of Nevada, researchers found that ingesting your placenta 'poses no harm'.

While there was some media fanfare of concern recently based on what inconclusive case, this study of over 7,000 women that had their placenta encapsulated found that there was no cause for concern.

“Our study suggests that if neonatal infection from maternal consumption of the placenta is possible, it is exceedingly rare.” -study co-author Melissa Cheyney, a licensed midwife and medical anthropologist at Oregon State

how we keep you and your baby safe

Researcher Melissa Cheyney also mentions the importance of using proper food handling when preparing placenta capsules.

At Louisville Area Doulas, we're proud to say that we are on the leading edge of safe encapsulation and have been doing so from the very beginning.

We take our role in keeping new families safe and healthy very seriously. After all, what's the point of all of the potential benefits of placenta encapsulation if comes with a side of sickness?

When you choose Louisville Area Doulas to encapsulate your placenta, you can be sure that...

  • all of our Postpartum Placenta Specialists are trained to the highest industry standards, including OSHA blood borne pathogen trained and Kentucky Food Handlers trained. 
  • we provide you with everything you need to safely transport your placenta from hospital to home, based on WHO organ transportation guidelines
  • we only encapsulate your placenta in your home, to protect you from cross contamination from an unfamiliar environment and so that you have absolutely no doubt that the capsules you receive are yours and yours alone. (Find out more here.)

If you would like to learn more about safe placenta encapsulation in Louisville and Southern Indiana, don't hesitate to contact us today.