Pregnancy isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

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A guest post by Kristina Madden, best friend of Louisville Area Doulas owner September Phillips and mommy-to-be of Mr Tatum Keith, due in early March 2016. We're so excited for her and her husband, and honored to feature her experience on the blog.  

Pregnancy is not just cute bumps and "glowing".

It's almost a year of complete change, physically and emotionally (not even including postpartum).

Everyone posts the nice things of being pregnant, like the growing baby bumps that everyone obsesses over and feeling the baby kick. It's a lot more than that:

 It's mood swings and crying over the tiniest things that normally wouldn't phase you.

It's giving up your body to grow another life.

It's constantly being tired.

It's watching the numbers on the scale go up and not knowing how much of that is gained body fat.

It's having a closet of clothes that don't fit.

It's stretching and itchy skin.

It's having your personal space invaded by people wanting to feel your bump without asking.

It's backaches and not being able to get comfortable.

It's finding new ways to stretch or move because you can't do it the same as before.

It's ligament pain.

It's watching your friends go out and have fun doing things you can't participate in.

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It's giving up things you would normally eat or drink.

It's frequent bathroom trips.

It's heartburn and acid reflux.

It's regular doctor visits.

It's worrying about every little thing that could be wrong with the baby, even when the doctors say everything looks good.

It's wondering whether you're going to be a good parent and thinking you're not ready to be responsible for another person's life.

It's being afraid of what your body will look like after birth.

It's being scared to death of what labor will be like.

The list goes on. It's hard and sometimes it sucks. I'm not complaining about this journey, but it's not all glamorous like people make it seem.

The bump and feeling kicks are what make it easier; seeing him grow and feeling him move make the crappy parts of being pregnant disappear.

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I love that I'm the only one that feels a strong connection to my baby right now. I love when I have my hands on my belly and feel him kick my hands back. I love being able to actually see his movement now that he's bigger. & I love thinking about the fact that my body is growing and fully supporting another life.

So here's to week 28 & 84 days until my due date. There are days where I wish I didn't have to do this for 9-10 months, but then I remind myself that I'm blessed to be having an easy going pregnancy compared to what it could be and am having no complications with a healthy baby boy. I'm lucky and thankful to have the support system that I do and a husband who does everything he can for me/us.

Two trimesters down, one to go until we can meet little man. 

At louisville area doulas, we know that pregnancy, birth, and parenting aren't always as magical as people expect it to be. We get it. We support you through the tough stuff and celebrate the good stuff with you along the way. for more information on our childbirth education classes, labor doula support, and postpartum doula support in louisville and southern indiana, contact us today