At Louisville Area Doulas, we take our position as Louisville and Southern Indiana's premier doula agency very seriously. Our core values are the principles that drive the standards of excellence that we continually strive for, from the services we provide to our clients to our interactions with the Kentuckiana community that we love. They are what set us apart and make our support the necessary luxury that you and your family deserve.  




We are so passionate about supporting families that we've made it our career. Because this is our job, and not just a hobby, we let nothing get between supporting you and your family. Rest assured knowing that we are well trained and up do date on the latest research as part of our high professional standards.

Most importantly, as professional doulas, we support you with zero judgement and no agenda. Our only desire is for you to have a positive experience.


Teamwork makes the dream work! All of our labor doulas work in pairs with a shared call schedule, meaning no matter when you go into labor, you'll have a well rested doula that you have built a relationship with.

Our doulas work side by side with your medical care providers and loved ones. We build relationships with the doctors, midwives and nurses that you chose, and support your partner, family, and friends as they support you. 



Compassion is the heart of it all.  We build relationships with you and your loved ones so that you feel safe trusting us to support you during such a monumental time in your life. You will never doubt that we care about you and your family with zero judgment about any of your choices. 

When you become our client, you join the Louisville Area Doulas family. We are available to you day and night for any questions you may have or when you just need someone to talk to. 


We offer complete care for your growing family.  That means that we completely support you in all of your choices, and that we are here for you through the complete journey.

Imagine having no question that you will recieve the same excellent support from your positive pregnancy test until you get the hang of this whole parenthood thing. The same team that has helped you without judgment, proven themselves to be knowledgable and safe, and have become a good friends will remain with you at Louisville Area Doulas. 


September Phillips

owner. birth doula. childbirth educator. postpartum placenta specialist. 

With a lifetime of practice supporting others and a life long fascination with all things pregnancy, birth, and babies, September Phillips is a doula that's just as refreshing and fun as she is knowledgeable. Her focus on unbiased support allows her to attune with every family and to utilize her extensive knowledge to help her clients recognize and reach their unique birth and parenting goals. 

September studied Psychology and Human Development and Family Sciences at The Ohio State University before beginning a career as a doula in 2014. She has since become trained through ProDoula as a Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, Postpartum Placenta Specialist, and certified as a Newborn Care Specialist and Your Birth Experience Instructor. 

In addition to supporting her clients, September is passionate about supporting the Louisville Area Doulas team and helping them create a life where they make a living doing what they love: serving new and growing families. 

September is originally from Columbus, OH but immediately fell in love with the Highlands, where she now lives. She enjoys all things outdoorsy and anything involving local food, craft beers, and bourbon with her fiance Will. 

Eliza Maynor 

affiliated doula. 

Eliza Maynor has been working with families for 20 years. She started as a babysitter in her neighborhood when she was 12. Eliza then started working in the infant room at her church when she was 13 where she worked until she was 22. While working at the church Eliza was a mother’s helper for many families where she ran errands, looked after children and did light housework. Eliza also attended Sullivan university and got her associates in early childhood education so she could become a professional nanny.  She is ready to start this new chapter and is excited to be doing what she loves.

Eliza is a pre-certified postpartum doula and is currently working towards her certification as a labor doula. Eliza is anxious to start working with women to have the best labor, delivery, and postpartum experience they can have. She is very supportive and wants women to know that whatever their perfect labor and delivery is, she will be there to support her 100%.

Eliza is very active in her role as an aunt and loves spending time with her nieces and nephews. She has spent many hours walking and calming her nieces and nephews so mom could get some sleep. She loves to be helpful with housework, cooking, errands, and taking care of baby so mom can shower, sleep, or spend time with dad and know that baby is in good hands.

Eliza is a native of Louisville as is her husband Dustin. Eliza and Dustin have been together for 12 years they have two daughters ages 12 and 9. She has a house full of critters including, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 rats.