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Childbirth & Chill: Online Childbirth Education (Tues March 20th & March 27th)

You're having a baby, and you're busy. Heck, if anything you're more busy BECAUSE you're having a baby. 

Everyone has told you to take a childbirth education class, to make a birth plan, to learn your options. But you and your partner hardly have time to research classes, let alone multiple evenings in a row to go to a class. What's a modern couple to do?

(Spoiler alert: the answer to that question is almost ALWAYS "the internet", and this is no exception)

Our solution: order a pizza or grab dinner on the way home from work (looking at you, chick-fil-a), and get cozy at home next to your partner. We'll deliver our signature Childbirth Education Course straight to your living room, courtesy of the internet.  

the details

When: Tuesday March 20th & Tuesday March 27th, 6:30-8:30pm are the actual class times. (Btw, we checked and this does NOT interfere with the March Madness schedule.)

You will also be added to a Facebook group with other class members to get peer to peer support (who knows what you're going through better than someone that's going through it too?!), as well as ongoing support from your instructor up to the first 6 weeks after your baby is born. 

Who: You! This class is for everyone having a baby, whether you're actively planning to go unmedicated, to get an epidural, or if you have no idea or want to go with the flow. 

Where: Right where you are. Like, literally. Wherever you are right now. Or the next room over. Doesn't matter. The class will take place through Zoom group video conferencing. So as long as you're decent from the neck up, you can be wherever you'd like. 

The Perks: First of all, you don't have to go anywhere. Think of it as Netflix and chill, but 1) you'll learn some really awesome stuff and 2) no judgmental pop ups asking if you're still watching. 

Second, this a live group class. This information isn't a pre-recorded webinar; it'll be tailored to you and your questions will be answered immediately. And you'll get to "meet" with some other pregnant couples (but without actually having to leave your house, which is a win/win in our book). 

Third, you'll have the option to add on a Postpartum Planning Session with our friends over at Bluegrass Baby Co. for a discounted rate. If you're in the Louisville area, they can come to you. If you aren't (or if you're really loving this staying home thing), it can be done virtually. 

The Cost: $115, includes class instruction for the pregnant person and their partner, electronically delivered class materials, membership to student facebook group, and ongoing virtually and phone support from your instructor up to 6 weeks after your baby is born.