Krystal Cadarette

AFFILIATED doula. postpartum doula.

From serving families in her years throughout high school and college to caring for patients at the bedside as a Nurse to becoming a mother and wife within her own family, Krystal has proven she has experience of all sorts when it comes to working with people! Krystal graduated from Bellarmine University in 2012 with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. A recent development in her experience has been getting pre-certified as a postpartum doula with ProDoula in June 2016. At this time, she is diligently working on becoming a certified postpartum doula and hopes to complete this by the mid-year of 2017.

Her choice to start this journey was after her own personal experience once her son was born at the end of last year. She realized the needs of postpartum mothers when she realized it was not all roses following the birth of a baby. Krystal believes postpartum doulas are just the beginning of the resources women and their families will have access to. Looking back, Krystal wishes she would have known about postpartum doulas and all the resources they provide. Looking forward, she is more than thrilled to be a part of this movement and cannot wait to begin helping postpartum families!

Krystal will prove to be valuable to anyone who seeks her services. She promises to uphold the following values: compassion, respect, unbiased judgement, authenticity, commitment, sincerity, adaptability, enthusiasm, intelligence, and responsibility! Krystal is prepared to provide you with the resources you may need during the postpartum period and has faith she will be able to help you be the best mother you can be!

Krystal is originally from Michigan, but has resided in Louisville, KY for half of her life. She lives with her husband, Clay, their son, and their three small dogs! Her family loves the outdoors, going for walks, watching movies, and enjoy being silly.