Kentuckiana Labor Doulas


The standard definition of a labor doula or birth doula is "a woman experienced in childbirth who provides advice, information, emotional support, and physical support to a mother before, during, and after childbirth", but the care that you will recieve from Louisville Area Doulas is anything but standard.

Your doulas are trained and experienced, and believe in your ability to have the birth experience that you want and deserve. They help you understand the process and inform you of your options without bias while gently and compassionately supporting you. With Louisville Area Doulas, you will never feel alone on this journey, because your doulas are right there with you and available for your every need. 

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With the superb support of your Louisville Area Doulas, you will feel in control, confident, informed, supported, and safe during and after your birth. 

The details. 

  • A personal team of two doulas is on call for you  from the moment the contract is signed.
  • 24/7  phone and email support to give expert advice for all of your pregnancy and birth related questions.
  • A prenatal meeting with both of your doulas, during which they  get to know you and your partner and both of your desires for your birth.
  • Continuous emotional and physical labor support that has been shown to decrease newborn complications and the need for interventions,  increase the birth satisfaction, and help your partner feel confident and supported as a birth partner. After your baby is born, your doula will stay to help your family settle in.
  • A postpartum visit In the week following birth to discuss your birth and provide you with any additional resources and  information that you may need.
  •  A 4 hour session of postpartum doula support where your doula will make sure that you and your family are adjusting well to life at home and will provide you with any of the services that our postpartum doula clients are able to utilize. 

you will love the continuity of care that only Louisville area doulas provides. GIVE US A CALL tODAY TO get more information on our comprehensive packages and to SET UP YOUR INITIAL CONSULTATION.